This week’s episode: January 13, 2017

This week’s episode features kids designing and creating their own board games.  This is a great activity that we’ve done on The Friday Zone before and we hope that kids watching at home will be inspired to create their own games, too!  It’s really easy and can use all sorts of things around the house for inspiration.  All you really need is a piece of posterboard and something to write with.  Beyond that, they sky’s the limit!



We used puffballs, glitter pens, construction paper, and different blocks and toys.  Just looking around the house you can see how you can quickly come up with a theme for a new board game idea – make a LEGO minifig game, or a game where you collect Cheerios, or a game where toy cars race around a track.  And speaking of moving, the easiest might be to borrow dice from another game, but you can also just flip a coin to move one or two spaces, build a spinner with a jar lid and a marble, or create your own custom deck of cards that tell players what to do.


If your family makes a board game at home, please share it with us!  Send pictures and tell us your story in an email to zone@indiana.edu and maybe we’ll share your creation here on the website!