This week’s episode: January 20, 2017

This week’s episode was shot on-location during Pioneer Days in Jackson County!  Kids from Brownstown Elementary (and schools around the area) get to spend a half day at the Jackson County History Center’s Pioneer Village learning all about pioneer life and what it was like to be a Hoosier in the early days of our state.




The Friday Zone actually found out about Pioneer Days last year, but we couldn’t make it down there to videotape the activities.  This year, thanks to a nice reminder from our friends at the History Center, we were able to make plans for both our hosts to come along!  Originally, the idea was to just create a few “Field Trip” segments with the various activities at Pioneer Days.  But since we had our hosts along, we decided we could put them all together and make a whole special episode!  There’s a Footsteps to Flight (just a one-parter episode), and a Fitness Zone, but otherwise, it’s all on-location this week.


One segment that didn’t make it in was a visit to the History Center’s Circus Wagon.  There was a sweet lady there who actually did trapeze and other performances with the circus a long time ago – she was telling stories to the kids and also gave everyone juggling lessons!  The funniest part of that segment is when Courtney attempts a contortionist trick involving three metal rings…  you’ll have to see it to understand.  So, while that bit didn’t make it into this episode we will indeed be making it a “Field Trip” that will appear later on down the road.  Stay tuned!