Total Eclipse of the Sun this Summer!

We at The Friday Zone are super excited about the upcoming total eclipse on August 21st.  Here in Indiana, it’ll only be a partial eclipse, as the main path is a little bit south of us.  pr17_020But if you plan now, maybe you can get down to Kentucky or over to Illinois to see it!  It’s a very unique and special opportunity and I know I’ve got plans to get down there to check it out.  I remember when I was in school and there was a partial eclipse.  The whole school went outside to witness it with our pinhole viewers and special cardboard and plastic glasses.  Everyone was so excited and we did projects in class all about the science of how the eclipse worked and what it meant.  We even did some history lessons about what it meant to people of the past – especially ancient cultures who thought the eclipse was a bad omen or even some sort of warning from the gods.


Get excited about the eclipse by getting these cool new stamps from the US Postal Service – they cost the exact same as a regular stamp but they are heat activiated to show you the moon in front of the sun!  You just have to press your thumb on it for a couple seconds.  Pretty rad!