Production Assistant Kevin

Kevin is one of the many Production Assistants on The Friday Zone’s crew. Recently, Kevin was in the studio helping Mike with the creation of the Peggy & Zarg set. That means he was there to assist Mike in building the set (it was raised up to allow the puppeteers to move around easily), get all the lighting looking good (using some “stand-in” puppets!), and of course take care of the equipment and get the space ready for the production day!




But that’s not all a Production Assistant does. They assist in just about any job that is needed by anyone on the crew! Sometimes Kevin will step in as a camera operator, sometimes he’s in the control room helping the director. Sometimes he’s even in the hallway to greet kids and guests who are going to be on the show.


Most of our Production Assistants get to try just about every job on a television crew, learning all along the way. And when they’re ready, they can start to specialize by picking out which job or jobs they like best! It’s a great start in the industry to get a job as a Production Assistant.