Studio Manager Mike

M20157619_10212825570088585_4756875217574033388_oike is the studio manager for The Friday Zone.  That means he’s in charge of everything that happens in the studio!  From building the sets to putting up and aiming the lights, Mike’s our guy.

When it came time to create the set for our new Peggy & Zarg segments, Mike worked hard to come up with a plan for how the puppets would be able to best move around and look good for the cameras.  The solution was to take Peggy’s bedroom and put it up on stilts!  The closet door, the bed, the book shelf, everything!    Next, Mike had to choose the right kind of lights to make everything look good.  He used blue lights for the background and regular lights for the characters.  There’s also a special light with a cut-out pattern to look like a window.


Being a studio manager is hard work!  There’s lots to be responsible for; lighting, sets, equipment, and safety. Plus, when a taping of The Friday Zone is finished, Mike has to lead his team to pack everything up and get ready for the next show… and the next, and the next, and the one after that!