Associate Producer Kelsey

While Russ is the Producer of the new Peggy & Zarg segments coming to The Friday Zone, Kelsey is the Associate Producer.  They’ve worked together as a team to create the series.


20229668_10212825570928606_3199210913864274997_oAccording to the Producers Guild of America, a “Producer initiates, coordinates, supervises and controls, either on his/her own authority, or subject to the authority of an employer, all aspects of the motion-picture and/or television production process, including creative, financial, technological and administrative. A Producer is involved throughout all phases of production from inception to completion, including coordination, supervision and control of all other talents and crafts, subject to the provisions of their collective bargaining agreements and personal service contracts.”


An Associate Producer “performs one or more producer functions delegated to him/her by a producer, under the supervision of such producer.”


In Kelsey’s case, she did a whole lot to help out Russ on this project.  She was in charge of creating all the props and making sure the set looked good.  She also prepared the scripts for all the puppeteers and was standing by with a glue gun and other materials to jump in in case things got bend, torn, or needed quick repairs while we were taping.  After the taping day, Kelsey helped with some of the editing of the series, too.