This week’s episode: July 14, 2017

31856525543_9a2bf811c6_zThis week we welcome back Chef Corbin of One World Catering.  Along with talking about his career being a professional chef, he brought in all the ingredients we needed to make pretzels!  It was a lot of fun to knead the dough and get it into the right shapes.  Unfortunately, the oven that we had in the studio broke a few years back and we never replaced it, so we had to fake the cooking part.  Of course, thanks to the magic of television that’s easy!  We simply say “we’ll be right back” and when we’re back, the pretzels are finished (secretly, Chef Corbin simply brought in a supply of cooked pretzels).


We always like doing food stuff on the show, and we’ve missed having recipes as a regular feature.  Maybe next year we can bring back either Earth Eats or The Bearded Chef…  or maybe something new entirely!