Meet Zarg!

20121335_10212825573888680_3620172858553100093_oNew to The Friday Zone this fall is a segment titled “Peggy’s Poetry & Zarg.”  The series follows a little girl and her love of reading – while also facing a mischievous monster that lives in her closet.  The episodes all fit together so you’ll have to watch each week as their relationship progresses.  We’ve been busy building the puppets, creating the set, and writing the scripts.  Below is a little information about Zarg, taken from his “character sheet.”  A character sheet is a tool that story writers will use to help understand their characters better.  It includes not only what the character looks like, but also details on their history, personality, and their hopes and dreams.


CHARACTER NAME: Zarg (“I am Zarg, just Zarg, there is no other Zarg. Zarg no need multiple Zargs.”)

ARCHETYPE: Miser/Trickster/Lovable Fop

WEAKNESS: He is allergic to the sun (that is why he lives under the bed and only comes out at night.)

NEED: He needs a friend to help him fill the dark void of his lonely heart.

SUPER OBJECTIVE/DESIRE: To veil the world in darkness and force the truth on mankind, that Edgar Allan Poe is a genius and the one true dark lord.

Physical description (Physiology)

Age – Ancient…in fact, he doesn’t even remember his own birthday.

Height and Weight – He is smaller than Peggy but he casts a large shadow. He weighs as much as the darkest weight that fills your heart in grief and despair.

Hair and eye color – Dirty auburn like a bad toupee, dust covered, ridden with cobwebs…emerald green eyes.

Posture – He is round and proportionate in every way for his kind…whatever they may be…because he never talks about his kind.

General appearance – Disheveled, filthy-dirty but never stinky. He does not stink. He always has a different sock matted into his fur.

Athletic ability – He is very scrappy with lungs of steel and a howl that could drive a sane man mad. He always lists that as his special skill when seeking new employment.


Occupation – He is a proud card carrying member of S.T.E.A.L.L (the Shadow Terror Enforcement Agency of Logistical Liars.)

Income – Misery, woe, and dust bunnies.

Children – His dust bunnies and shadow-lings.

Religion – Edgar Allan Poe.

Political affiliation – Chaos.

Hobbies – Destruction, madness, general gleeful terror, and the poems of the great dark lord Edgar Allan Poe.


Temperament – Hot headed, grumpy and disagreeable…he is a lonely curmudgeon.

Moral code – Do what’s best for your because who else is going to look out for you.

Introvert/extrovert – Extrovert.

Leader/follower – Leader with aspirations of world domination, bordering on megalomania.

General attitude toward life – He is the dark doom and gloom cloud of shadow that encompasses the stuff of children’s nightmares.