Meet Peggy!

20121335_10212825573888680_3620172858553100093_oNew to The Friday Zone this fall is a segment titled “Peggy’s Poetry & Zarg.”  The series follows a little girl and her love of reading – while also facing a mischievous monster that lives in her closet.  The episodes all fit together so you’ll have to watch each week as their relationship progresses.  We’ve been busy building the puppets, creating the set, and writing the scripts.  Below is a little information about Peggy, taken from her “character sheet.”  A character sheet is a tool that story writers will use to help understand their characters better.  It includes not only what the character looks like, but also details on their history, personality, and their hopes and dreams.



ARCHETYPE:  Young woman on the rise/resourceful child

WEAKNESS:  She is afraid of the dark (but unaware of what it actually represents – the unknown.)

NEED: To face reality and move past her fears.

SUPER OBJECTIVE/DESIRE: To do more than read about life, she wants to go out and explore the world and live it.

Physical description (Physiology)

Age – 7

Hair and eye color – Strawberry blonde and green eyes.

Athletic ability – Not a star of any sport but she is scrappy and willing to play in the dirt; scrapes and bruises are just part of growing up.


Education – Second grader.

Hobbies – Collecting stickers, reading the Fancy Prew detective stories, imagining all the places that she reads about that she would like to visit, stuffed animals, finger-paints, play-doo, and poetry of course.


Temperament – Spunky but patient and thoughtful.

Moral code – She feels that all things in life are reciprocal and you reap what you sow. However, she is very optimistic and believes in the best in others.

Chief disappointments – She longs to grow up so she may go out into the world and not be stuck alone in her bedroom.

Chief joys – The smell and feel of books…not e-books, they aren’t real

General attitude toward life – Happy go lucky, she believes anything is possible.