This week’s episode: September 8, 2017

This week’s episode didn’t quite work out the way we wanted it to, but it was still pretty great. We wanted to do a LEGO episode of the show way back in February. There was the big BrickWorld event coming up in Indianapolis, so we were thinking we could go up there, get some cool video, and maybe meet some builders who could be a guest on the show. The idea was that maybe they could bring their amazing and complicated (and sometimes really huge) creations to The Friday Zone and inspire some kids with them. 33481967864_8c12da4524_zThen, in the second part of the show, we were going to have a librarian tell kids about her LEGO club at the library, encouraging kids to ask about clubs at their own local library.



If you’ve seen this episode, you’ll see there is no adult fan of LEGO (also known as an AFoL) on the episode. We couldn’t quite get a commitment from anyone to come be on the show. So instead, we asked our friendly librarian if we could expand her part of the episode – and she was of course happy to oblige. So we end up with a lot more of the kids’ creativity as a result, some really fun video from the library club itself, and we still got to show off some of the big builds from the BrickWorld event. So it all worked out!