Product Review: Star Wars Revell SnapTite Models

IMG_0018This past weekend kicked off with Force Friday II on Friday, September 1.  Force Friday is the day new Star Wars toys are released and we were lucky enough to be sent three of their new SnapTite Build & Play model kits of ships from The Last Jedi. These kits are aimed at kids 6 and up and can serve as a young padawan’s earliest encounter with the model-making hobby. With only 20-46 parts and no glue or paint required, the complexity of what a parent might think of when considering a model kit aren’t present. The inclusion of moving parts, plus the addition of lights and sounds solidifies these as pulling double duty as toys once the building is finished.



mod3-2We had three kits, so we found three kids ages 8 to 12 to try them out. While all three are “level 1” model kits, the AT-M6 Walker kit has about double the pieces as the other two kits (simply due to it having four legs), so we gave that one to the oldest in our group of testers.  Overall, they were able to finish assembly within the suggested build time of about 30 minutes.



The detail on these are something even adult fans will truly appreciate. All four models have a sense of realism, despite their small size and few parts. Each has their own select play elements as well: the A-wing has an opening cockpit and retractable landing gear, Kylo Ren’s Tie Fighter has an opening vehicle hatch, and the AT-M6 Walker has poseable legs and head.  All three have lights and sounds, which goes a long way in determining “who shot first” without relying on the kids to shout “pew-pew!”  Each model can stand up on its own to display on a shelf, are durable enough to endure careful play, and light enough that they can easily be hung from a ceiling for a bedroom dogfight (with the Walker taking out the ground troops).1649 3_4 view front face right[1]




There’s lots more great Star Wars: The Last Jedi toys that came out last week – check out all the choices (how about that giant LEGO Millennium Falcon!?).  But if you’re looking to help your kids get into the modeling hobby, you can’t go wrong with these entry-level SnapTite kits from Revell.  There’s now ten Star Wars kits from Revell in this line (the others were released following Force Awakens in 2016).


1647 3_4 view face left[1]
From the Revell press release: On store shelves this fall, the three newest SnapTite Build and Play Star Wars plastic model kits were designed with the same computer data used to create the upcoming film’s variants on the franchise’s iconic A-wing fighter, Kylo Ren TIE fighter and heavy assault walker. The assembled model kits are therefore spot-on facsimiles of the vehicles in the movie (the better to let kids’ imaginations take flight!). Batteries are included. For more information, visit www.revell.com.