Indiana Bat Festival!

IMG_1737This week we taped an episode of The Friday Zone with Joy O’Keefe of the Indiana State University Center for North American Bat Research and Conservation (or the ISU Bat Center for short!).

Joy wasn’t able to bring in a live bat this time, but did have a cool display of taxidermied bats for us to look at, as well as loads of great video footage of members of the center capturing and studying bats.

11th Annual Indiana Bat Festival Poster
Even more exciting then the ISU Bat Center visiting us is the upcoming Bat Festival at ISU!  That’s a chance for YOU to visit THEM!  Indiana State University is located in Terre Haute, which is not too far away from home and definitely worth the drive for this really cool annual event.  There will be live bats, conservation exhibits, expert talks and demonstrations, plus all the fun that a festival can bring – face painting, crafts, a bake sale, even an inflatable cave to crawl through!


The Bat Festival ends with a night time activity at nearby Dobbs Park where you can search for bats with the help of ISU and Indiana DNR experts.  If you don’t make it to the Bat Festival this weekend, be sure to catch The Friday Zone Friday, September 22 for our episode featuring Joy and learn how to seek out bats in your own backyard!